Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre

We'll Definitely Be Back

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre just might be one of the best attractions of your Gatlinburg trip. You might wonder if that is an exaggeration, but we found that it definitely wasn't. The shows in this theatre are more entertaining than many we've seen. They show offers nearly two solid hours of entertainment along with some interesting audience participation moments.
The Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is a great place to experience some old fashioned Vaudeville type variety shows with a modern twist, including some excellent singing. If you've seen some of the other country shows a few times too often, this might be a great alternative. I would say the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is fun for couples, groups, or for families with older children.

The kids had a lot of fun, and we didn't stop laughing throughout most of the show. Be prepared, as the second part of some of the shows involves some vaudeville acts and a play featuring audience members. It's pretty funny, but if you don't want to end up on stage, you might want to participate with enthusiasm during the sing along. Of course, if you don't mind being the end of a few jokes, you just might earn some vouchers to a few local attractions for your trouble.

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There aren't too many hi tech special effects so younger kids may not get the humor in some of the skits, but if you go in knowing what to expect, you'll have a lot of fun. There are two different shows done each year, on alternating days, so you can go back more than once while you're in Gatlinburg. There's also a holiday performance around Christmas.

There are coupons for this show in most of the Gatlinburg coupon books, so it's easy to get a great deal on this classic humor. This was an extremely professional show performed on a small intimate stage. With the size of the theatre it makes you feel like you are right there and you really get to know the actors and their roles. Plus it offers the advantage to give every guest a seat with a good view. Lobby refreshments are available before the show and at the intermission. If you really enjoyed the show you can also purchase a DVD for back home. You'll want to be sure to check it out if you're going to be heading to Gatlinburg any time soon. The Sweet Fanny Adams
Theatre has been going strong since the late 1970s, and this is a great opportunity to find out why and have a really good time. We found the performers to be talented and more than willing to mingle with the visitors after the show. This may well be one of the reasons that the theatre continues to prosper. We'll definitely be back the next time we visit Gatlinburg.

Contact Information

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre
321 Junction
Gatlinburg, TN

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