Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg

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Smoky’s and Mirrors!

Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg is one of Ripley’s many attractions in the area. I would suggest purchasing a Ripley’s combo package that includes a visit to the Aquarium, as well as two other Ripley’s destinations you pick. Plus you get to play the 3D blacklight golf next door. The mirror maze is a great choice for those who want to go as a family, since both kids and adults seem to enjoy it.
Trips through the Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg are unlimited on the same day you purchase your ticket, so be sure to go through as many times as you want over the course of that day. We went through pretty quickly the first time, so we decided to go back later in the day. You can even go at night, since the maze is open until eleven pm.

The Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg itself is a lot of fun, with plenty of interesting lighting and music. A quick trip through takes about a half hour. Everyone going through does have to wear gloves to keep from getting fingerprints on the mirrors. Try getting the kids to lead the way - it will offer a lot of laughter, and they’ll have a pretty good time. Remember that some really small children might get anxious inside the maze, so you will want to keep an eye on them.
It was actually quite amazing just how difficult it was to tell the difference between what is a mirror and what’s not. We all walked head first into a mirror on more than one occasion. Whoever designed the maze really did a great job of the illusions you encounter. Don’t make it a race to get through, just get lost in the maze for a while. And don't walk too fast, you just might run into yourself!

Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg is one attraction that’s quite amusing if you’re trying to fill some time between other attractions. It might seem pretty simple at first, but it’s actually quite a lot of fun, especially if you decide to take the kids along.

Location and Contact Information

919 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
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