Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg

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A Smoky Mountain Flavor!

The Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg is a rootin' tootin' dinner show featuring old-time music, lots of horses, animals and performers. We learned that the famous singer Dolly Parton opened the first Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge just down the road from her original birthplace place here in Sevierville in 1988. Today, there are four Dixie Stampedes in Branson, Missouri, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Orlando, Florida. Dolly has said, "I wanted to recreate the family fun of my childhood, when we'd gather for a friendly competition and enjoy a more-than-filling meal".
Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg is one of the most entertaining live dinner shows we have ever experienced. If you're up for a little bit of country fun, you'll love Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. I would say the feel of the Stampede is similar to the old Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, where the excitement of the American West is brought indoors. With pretty southern belles, great country food, and a relaxed and homey atmosphere, you might become so involved in the show that you just might forget you are out to dinner. It has a Smoky Mountain flavor that can be enjoyed by every member of your family!

The Carriage Room Show

At the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg each ticket includes the pre-show opening act, the main show in the big arena and a four-course dinner. The opening act begins 50 minutes prior to the actual posted show time. Having prior knowledge, we arrived about an hour early to see this portion of the show. The room fills up very quickly so you might want to arrive as early as possible.

Upon arriving at the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg we entered the Carriage Room where we could just simply relax, watch and listen to the music. There is plenty of seating and great viewing of the entertainment from two levels. I recommend sitting upstairs as we prefer the view from here and the doors that you enter the main show arena through are also upstairs.

They typically have a country or bluegrass band whom are usually award-winning musicians. The Carriage Room was very intimate, just like being at a backyard porch-sitting jamboree. During the show you can enjoy popcorn, peanuts and a beverage while being entertained. You don't have to go to this musical part of the Dixie Stampede, but it really sets the mood. Come early so you don’t miss a minute of the fun!

It’s Showtime!

When the Carriage Room show is completed the hosts and hostess escort you over to the main show arena. I would say the area is reminiscent of a stock auction barn or a sawdust-floored Wild West show. The Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg location is actually quite large and has seating for around 1,000 people. From what I hear, they fill the place up most of the time. The show includes over 30 horses, live buffalo, dozens of cast members, and quite a variety of animals. They had horses of many breeds…Quarterhorses, Palomino, Thoroughbreds, Arabians…with talented riders that do some amazing tricks and stunts trying to out do the others.
The audience gets to join in the fun too at the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg, so be ready to clap your hands and stomp your feet. Our side of the arena was designated North, the other side the South, and we each cheered our sides on. Once in a while, some audience members were chosen to participate in some of the floor events.

If you happen to get a seat close to the front row; you'll feel like you're right in the arena, and it is more likely you will have a chance at the frequent audience participation. Many children who participated went home with their own free storybooks. Besides the tense action including some dramatic lighting, big room sound and some pyrotechnics, many beautiful belles were being swirled around the dance floor by thier beaus. Comic relief is also provided in the form of ostrich racing, pig racing and plenty more. If you have not had the opportunity to see one, there is nothing like the very impressive sight and sounds of a herd of buffalo.

Southern-Style Sweet Tea!

If you've never had down-home Southern food before, the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg is one of the best places to start. From homemade buttermilk biscuits to Southern-style sweet tea, the most important Southern tradition of all – none of us went away hungry.

You'll get a whole roast chicken to yourself, or even a barbecue pork loin with corn, potatoes, a creamy vegetable soup, and one of the tasty desserts made only at the Dixie Stampede. All of it's prepared Southern-style, perfect for people homesick for Grandma's cooking as well as those who have never tasted the delights of a properly-barbecued piece of pork. Do it right – have the sweet ice tea with it.

The Menu Includes:
*Tender Whole Rotisserie Chicken
*Hickory Smoked Barbecued Pork Loin
*Original Creamy Vegetable Soup
*Scrumptious Homemade Biscuits
*Hot Buttered Corn-on-the Cob
*Tasty Herb-basted Potatoes
*Dixie's very own Specialty Desserts
*Unlimited soda, tea or coffee

Visit The Performers!

The Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg has a special group of performers most dinner shows can't boast about: the horses, ostriches, and other highly-trained animals that work just to entertain you every night. After the show, everyone is welcome to stop by and visit with all of the four-legged and two-legged performers. Children love to be close to the animals, whether it be the ostriches or the surprisingly fast pigs. The human performers were also there and so friendly and happy to talk to the whole family.

A Special Christmas Show

Christmas time has always been very special to Dolly, and she chose this special time to genuinely celebrate at the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg. Instead of the regular floor show, the Christmas pageantry includes an indoor snowstorm and a dramatic living Nativity, complete with wise men, camels, and plenty of animals and shepherds. Later, a friendly competition continues with the “North Pole vs. the South Pole” between Santa's elves, as St. Nick himself officiates the fun. If you're near one of the Stampedes during Christmas, it's well worth the visit.

Inside Information!

Tip #1 - Check the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg website for current information and ticket offers.

Tip #2 - There is a reason the place is effectively packed for every show. Order your show tickets early!

Tip #3 - Get to Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg at least one hour before the posted show time for the pre-show in the Carriage Room.

Tip #4 - Children under 3 are free only if they sit in a parent's lap and eat from their plate.

Tip #5 - They do offer vegetarian dinners at your request.

Tip #6 - No utensils are provided. Meaning that if you don’t bring your own plastic ware and straws you will eat with your fingers. It’s sort of part of the fun.

Tip #7 - Make sure you call early if you want seats near the center ring. You can request preferred seating for an extra five dollars

Tip #8 - Ride the Trolley to avoid the traffic. A trolley ride is .50 per person and it will take you right to the entrance.

Tip #9 - Bring your camera for your family pictures!

Tip #10 - Have FUN!!!

Overall, the Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg is one of the most popular attractions in all of Pigeon Forge. It has been here for many years and has remained the one dinner show that families visit more than once. At first, the price may seem to you just a little high. But remember, you're getting a huge meal as well as a very unique one of a kind show. This place is about the fun, the entertainment, and doing something completely different with regard to your typical show or dining experience! If you have never been to the Dixie Stampede Dinner Show we definitely recommend it.

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Dixie Stampede Gatlinburg
3849 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868
865-453-4400 or 800-356-1676
Map Location

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