Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg

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Don't skip the Film!

Do you really love cars? We do, too, and we made the Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg one of our stops on a recent trip to Tennessee. We initially read the information about it through one of our visitor packets and decided to go. When you enter, you'll see an introductory film offered on the second level. Don't skip the Film! It’s about the history of the gentleman who owns and designs many of the cars. We found it to be very interesting and actually changed our entire perception of the museum.
We found the Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg exhibits to be nicely done and well displayed. Most had a theme and plaques nearby to tell more about the car. Some also have a television screen playing soundtrack music or showing scenes from the movie or show the car is from. Trivia stations let you give yourself a quiz on the shows, and you can check out props from some of the films, too.

Some of our favorite exhibits were the Batmobile, Kit from Knightrider, the Ghostbuster's car, the Trans Am from from Smoky & The Bandit, Mayberry's police car, the Flintstone's car, the Ghostbuster's Ecto, Grandpa Munster's car and the Jurassic Park truck. They also have cars for the younger kids. Our youngest really got a kick out of Speed Racer and Herbie the Love Bug. We definitely have some great pictures for her memory book.

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There was no competition for the favorite in our family. It just happened to be something we all had in common. They have the DeLorean Time Machine from the Back To The Future. They even had a scene backdrop for it set up to look like the town with the clock tower and full size character cutouts. To top it off, they were playing the movie theme song Back In Time.
This is a great opportunity to get some family pictures that bring together past and present memories. If you want, you can get your picture taken in the General Lee, though it has to be done by museum staff and costs a little extra. Also keep in mind that not all the cars are the original movie cars - some are mockups. However, they're close enough that we didn't mind, and the photos we had taken

with them turned out really well. Make sure you use a coupon from one of the local discount books to help you save some money getting into the exhibit and you'll get a great deal as well as a good time. The Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg is a great place to have an hour of fun, and it's great for any family that loves their cars. The museum is open nine am to ten pm every day of the week, all year long, so it's not hard to find time to go. If you love cars, this museum is well worth the trip!

Location and Contact Information

Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg
914 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
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