Wonderworks Pigeon Forge

Turning Science On Its Head

You know as soon as you see it, that Wonderworks Pigeon Forge is something out of the ordinary. It’s an attraction in itself, just with the building being upside down and all. I would call it part mad scientist's laboratory and part amusement park for the brain!

Instead of rushing straight into the interactive exhibits, all must enter through an upside-down foyer with a guide who understands the Wonderworks story inside and out. It all began, he'll tell you, with an experiment gone bad in the Bermuda Triangle (which is why there are palm trees growing upside down around the building) when Wonderworks scientists failed in their attempt to harness the power of the tornado.

The results of the failure launched the Wonderworks building high enough and far enough that it landed roof first right here in Tennessee. The Wonderworks scientists, making the best of their situation, are waiting inside to show you the amazing things they've since discovered.

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You pass through a door and a black-painted hallway, then through what they call an “inverter” to orient you properly for the rest of the building. Beyond, you find the discoveries of over one hundred family-friendly and fascinating hands-on exhibits and nifty experiments. You just go at your own pace and try out every single exhibit as many times as you want! There are no limits to the number of times that you can interact with each individual attraction. Plus with your admission you may enter and exit the building all day long, as long as you keep your hand stamped until closing.

The building is divided into several distinct areas:

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CHALLENGE ZONE is where you can test your strength…climb the vertical rock wall or try your luck lying on the bed of nails.

SOUND & LIGHT ZONE is where you put on head phones and let your mind travel to another place…beat on the MTV drums and rock in your favorite music era.

DISASTER ZONE is all about the San Francisco earthquake and a ride on the earthquake simulator.

CONTROL CENTER has the the virtual roller coaster and is my personal favorite. It allows you to use a graphic display to choose the path and structure of a roller coaster. You take the memory chip from the display over to the virtual reality roller coaster, strap yourself in and watch the wild path you've chosen as you're shaken and rattled all over the place. Younger kids will love some of the other Wonderworks Pigeon Forge exhibits, like the Bubble Lab, where they can put themselves inside a soap bubble and perform a number of different experiments.

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SPACE ZONE let’s you explore Outer Space while you watch an educational, interactive film on Space in 3-D. You can explore life size replicas of an Astronaut’s space suit and the Mercury Space Capsule…then test your skill and take your seat using hand-eye coordination to maneuver the controls and land the Discovery Space Ship.

If you go to Wonderworks Pigeon Forge plan for a about 4-5 hours of fun. The best thing, in my opinion, is that it appeals to all ages of kids, even teenage children will have a hard time pretending to be bored. Just so you know, there is a minimum height requirement of 48” to ride the Wonder Coaster and a minimum age of five years to play Lazer Tag.

Here are just a few tips to consider:

Plan Your Time:
It will be crowded, so plan wisely when you go. The best times are early. I’m talking when they open early. Try to avoid Fridays and Saturdays if at all possible.

Use Coupons:
Get Wonder Works coupons and discount tickets from the website address below.

Bring Your Camera:
There are many, many photo opportunities..

Be Patient:
At times there can be too many people and too few attractions available.

Consider Your Ticket Options:
They have several combo ticket offers for individuals, families, laser tag and the Hoot 'n Holler dinner show.

For a separate price, the older kids can play Laser Tag, a variety of arcade games you won't find anywhere else or watch an IMAX movie upstairs. In all, I would give Wonderworks Pigeon Forge a very NEAT "one-time-only" attraction for some...you be the judge.

Contact Information

100 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Map Location

Check out the Wonderworks website for more information.

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