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So What Exactly Is Zorb?

Zorb Pigeon Forge is one of the new attractions to the area. Since you're going to be on a Smoky Mountain vacation, you might want to check out what the Zorb Ball ride is all about. It seems this form of entertainment was originally started in New Zealand. But now you can try it right here in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. If you wanted to experience the Zorb ball rolling anywhere else, you'd have to go to all the way to New Zealand!

So what exactly is Zorb? We weren't entirely sure, either, but we were definitely curious. It turns out that Zorb Pigeon Forge is actually downhill rolling inside a giant plastic ball that has to be at least 10‘ around. And you are what’s inside the ball. It's usually done on a gentle slope, but you can also do it on an inflatable or solid ramp by yourself or with other people inside with you.

The ball has an inner layer and an outer one, with air in between to keep you from bouncing around. The plastic is flexible, so you don't have to worry about getting hurt if you roll into something.

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Zorbs have one tunnel-like entrance, and after you get in, you actually get to roll down the slope inside the ball. We found it to be fun and not dangerous at all. There are even several different types of Zorb rides. You can try riding in a Zydro ride with water inside the ball, take a zig zag ride or just go straight downhill.

If you go on the dry rides they strap you into the side of the inner ball and then roll. The boys tried and liked the Zydro ride which has several gallons of water inside with you. The chose the zig zag course and so the water just sloshes all around you while your flying all around the ball. They really enjoyed it!

Zorb in Pigeon Forge TN is about a ¼ of a mile east of the Parkway between Sevierville and Gatlinburg. The kids loved riding in these big plastic globes just as much as we did and so we think a fine place to take the whole family. It's true that the place can be a little expensive, unless you get one of the three ride package deals or a discount coupon before you arrive.

It doesn't matter whether you're coming on your own, or with a group. You can go Zorbing just by showing up by yourself. The only exception is that you do need to reserve if you're bringing twenty people or more. If you're bringing the family to Zorb Pigeon Forge, you can get discounts on the cost of riding, too. They also sell Zorb branded clothing sets that come with a towel and some other extras.

We didn't end up buying any, but they'd be great if you wanted to take a Zydro ride and didn't bring a change of clothes.

The park is open even when it's raining and everything else in Pigeon Forge is closed… even in the winter. Hours are a little shorter in the winter, but the rides keep on running. They'll also take your photo there. You can buy them after the ride. You get a photo CD, rather than prints, however.

We had a lot of fun on our trip to Zorb Pigeon Forge, TN and we think that it is worth your time to at least check it out. Plus, you're not likely to get the chance to try anything quite like it again. We have one good tip, bring your swimsuit, if you plan on riding hydro course. You will get really really wet.

Zorb Pigeon Forge
203 Sugar Hollow Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
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